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To plan a kick-off for 30 employees is not always an easy task. Booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, scheduling different hikes, and on top of that restaurant visits etc. just makes it a hassle. It is fun, but without a tool that helps is will become an Excel nightmare. Sending emails back and forth and to keep track of everything.

So I guess I must be very grateful to since their app for planning events really helps when hosting an event. It is amazing how well organized an event can become with just the right tools. I now look forward to hosting an event instead for get intimidated by it.

It would be nice to host a kick-off event in Spain or Italy. Maybe Mallorca or why not Rome. So many things to see and I think it would be much appreciated by the employees too. You could plan to visit the caves in the northern part of Mallorca or why not Forum Romana in Rome if you like history.

Anyway, give a try if you are about to host an event.